tkanina antystayczna ESD

WULKAN 330±10

tkanina antystayczna ESD


Popular specialist cotton fabric for protective clothing. Designed for the production of clothing for welders and related professions, also for flame retardant insulated clothing and for other professions where clothing protecting against heat and flames is required. Available in a wide range of colors.

Clothes made of fabric are characterized by high strength and durability in use. Cotton ensures comfort in all conditions, perfectly absorbs sweat and is breathable. This fabric is resistant to breaking, tearing and rubbing. Provides protection against hot factors and metal splashes even after 50 washing cycles. A special production process ensures color fastness and dimensional stability after washing at 60˚C. In addition to protective properties and durability, it is characterized by high comfort of use. The fabric has a certificate of compliance with the European standard for workwear: EN 13688 as well as with the standards for protective clothing EN 11611: Protective clothing used during welding; EN 11612: Clothing for protection against heat and flame. A proven and trusted brand. The product complies with Oeko-tex® Standard.


Compozitie [%]:

100% cotton

Greutate [g/m2]:


Lăţime [cm]:





Sanforized, dyed, FR


Oeko-tex, EN 13688; EN11611, EN11612

Informatii suplimentare:

Culorile afișate pe monitor pot diferi de cele reale, în funcție de setările individuale ale monitorului.